60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Quarantine

Sometimes Mother Nature forces you to take mandatory breaks that previously had no place in our hectic schedule. This unexpected break sometimes leaves you directionless, frustrated, and fills you with dullness. We were so busy running round the clock that now we have no clue what to do with this much extra time.

This article will give you sixty tips on how to use your quarantine time in social isolation, quarantine, or self-isolation in a way that maximizes your enjoyment and/or productivity.

However, before we get into these tips, I would like to first highlight the importance of sticking to your schedule! Do not change your sleep or meal schedule. During times like this, we are tempted to become lazy, sleep late, and start our day late. What we don’t appreciate is how much this contributes to the lethargic feeling we have. So, it is a good idea that you do not change your morning or night schedule and wake up and sleep at the same time, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time as you used to do before the quarantine.

Keep reading to learn about the four E’s that will ensure that you make the most out of your day during this quarantine time!

The 4 E’s of Social Isolation: Entertain, Energize and Educate and Earn

This period should help you to become a healthier and more energized version of yourself. Use this time to revive yourself. In many ways, this time is a boon in disguise. Do everything that you always wanted to but could not do due to a scarcity of the time. Balance out your day with some entertainment, some physical activities, and some learning activities. Change the activities in each category every day to have more variation. Remember the 4 E’s!

1. Entertain:

Entertainment is necessary for happiness and wellbeing. Make this time more enjoyable and fun with different activities. Spending quality time with your family members will make your family bonding stronger.

  1. Watch a movie or a show on Netflix
  2. Listen to your favourite music
  3. Facetime/chat/Snapchat/skype/zoom with family and friends
  4. Play online games
  5. Play board games/cards with your family/friends
  6. Prepare your favorite meals together with your family/partners
  7. Arrange a nice candlelight dinner with your spouse (or long-distance partner)
  8. Listen to podcasts
  9. Many zoos and aquariums have live cams so now you can enjoy Virtual Safari tours on social media. For e.g. Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Winnipeg, Canada has ‘Creature Features’ live on Facebook, The Cincinnati Zoo holds a daily Home Safari on its Facebook Live Feed whereas Atlanta Zoo has a ‘Panada cam’ streaming live on their website.
  10. Many artists are streaming live music so enjoy the virtual concerts while you’re still home
  11. Try to complete puzzle games
  12. Baking: make your favourite cake, cookies, and other goodies

2. Energize:

Use your time wisely so that you feel livelier after the quarantine period.

Be physically active: All gyms and recreation centers may be closed but you make sure that you keep engage yourself in some kind of physical activity because exercise is really important for healthy immune function, to boost your mood and for better mental health.

13. Keeping moving: while working from home, take a break every couple of minutes to walk around the house or stretch
14. Stretching & Yoga: Keep yourself active with stretching exercises and yoga asanas
15. Youtube workouts: try different workouts with the comfort of your house with no equipment
16. Get a pet: a new dog, cat or any other pet will add a ton of excitement to your and your family’s life
17. Play indoor games like Scavenger Hunt & Musical Chairs: have fun with your family with these games
18. Dancing: Move your body with music! There are some great dance tutorials available online
19. Cleaning/decluttering: vacuuming/ mopping, declutter home, laptop, emails
20. Strength training using weights: you can make your own weights with water bottles
21. Restyle/decor your home: there are many online resources available which will help you to redesign your home with simple ‘Do-It-Yourself’ tips

Pamper yourself: Spare some time for self-care. There are many facial and body treatments kits along with the online videos available that you can do yourself within the comfort of your home

22. Give yourself a spa treatment
23. Soak in a hot relaxing bath
24. Aromatherapy: get relaxed with essential oils
25. Enjoy facial treatments: pamper your skin with steam, massage exfoliation and with your favorite relaxing masks
26. Do a home manicure and pedicure: show some love to your nails
27. Waxing/hair removal: just because you’re not going outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful, soft skin
28. Condition your hair: this is the time to take care of your hair and have it grow long and healthy
29. Colour your hair at home (and save a lot of money while you’re at it!)
30. Try new makeup tricks: this is the time to learn how to do your eyeshadow like the makeup gurus

Have a hobby: There are a lot of hobbies that we put on the side because in our daily lives, we often just do not have the time. However, that excuse won’t work anymore! Now is the time for you to pick up on those hobbies!

31. Writing – write journal/book/poem
32. Gardening – cultivate your green thumb, the summer is around the corner!
33. Painting/ Drawing – play with colours, find your inner artist
34. Photography: learn how to capture your memories
35. Knitting: Improve your knitting skills
36. Origami: Show some paper transforming magic
37. Calligraphy: Have some fun with pen and paper and create some beautiful writing
38. Jewelry-making: make your own bracelets and necklaces!
39. Candle-making: show your creativity in making different designs of candles, sell them and earn some extra cash
40. Soap making: Make your own soaps and sell them too
41. DIY Kits: there are many Do-It-Yourself Kits available online, order any kit of your interest today

3. Educate:

Use Quarantine time productively. Learn or improve your skills in a way that can help you achieve your professional or personal goals.

42. Learn a new skill or a new language
43. Take an online course: there are many online free/ paid courses available on almost all subjects. For example, Coursera offers many paid and free short-term courses from
Ivy-league universities like Yale and Oxford on many subjects. Other online learning
websites also include Khan Academy, Open Culture Online Courses, Alison, the Crash
Course Youtube channel and so on
44. Take advantage of the online/cloud libraries or buy a subscription of various online
resources including Amazon eBooks
45. Learn to play a musical instrument
46. Learn different dance forms
47. Learn to code

4. Earn (optional):

Try to make yourself financially more secure with side hustles. Financial experts are expecting a big recession soon so take the charge of your financial future. Use this time to earn a few extra bucks for those rainy days.

Based on the current situation of your country, you may or may not be able to use the following options right now but you can definitely use your quarantine time to acquire the required skills and start your side-income after everything goes back to the normal. There are many free and paid online resources available to help you to learn the necessary skills for any of the following areas:

48. Copywriting
49. Affiliate marketing,
50. Digital marketing
51. Online tutoring,
52. Create an online course
53. Create an eBook
54. Website creation
55. Provide technical services over the internet like Upwork
56. Create YouTube videos
57. Write an eBook
58. Freelance writing
59. Photoshop
60. Create logos and sell them online

Final Thoughts:  

Currently, the entire world is going through a very difficult time. It is vital for us to have patience and a positive mindset so that we can pass this challenging period in the best way possible

It is not only important for us to take all the necessary measures to protect ourselves from the virus, but it is also important for us to have accurate information regarding the symptoms, treatment options and the information about local assessment centers. If you are infected, it is necessary that you must self-isolate so that you do not spread the disease to other human beings. It is equally important to educate those around you and inform them about the significance of social isolation and proper hygiene. If you are having trouble convincing certain people around you, visit our blog on tips to tackle this situation.

Like all difficult times, this time will also pass away but until it ends, we need to cooperate with our local health authorities and follow their recommendations and guidelines. Do not trust any rumors or any misleading information from any unreliable resources. If you need any information, visit your local health authority website or the WHO website.

It is time to take care of our physical health. Enough sleep, regular workouts, yoga, healthy meals, and meditation will help to keep our immune system strong. It is also necessary that we take care of our mental health too because stress and anxiety can affect our immune system. So, stay calm and stay positive! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Stay informed, stay healthy and stay safe.

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